Nepali Scientist Running for the 2021 Forbes Future of Food event Award

लुम्बिनी-कपिलवस्तु विस्व अभियानका विस्व संयोजक एबं अन्तराष्ट्रिय नेपाली कलाकार समाजका विस्व सल्लाहकार रामकुमार श्रेष्ठ (Twitter @Ramkshrestha) को फेसबुक पेजमा “अस्ट्रेलियाको मेलबर्न निवासी वरिष्ठ बैज्ञानिक डा राजु अधिकारी यही जुनमा हुने People’s Choice Award at the 2021 Forbes Future of Food event मा प्रतिस्पर्धामा रहेकाले उन्लाई अधिकाधिक भोट गरेर यो अवार्डको बिजेता बनाइ नेपाल र नेपालीको छवी अझै उचो बनाउन सबैसंग हार्दिक अनुरोध गर्दछु ।” लेख्दै सबैसंग गर्नु भएको अपिल नेपाल र नेपालीकै प्रतिष्ठाको बिषय भएकोले सबैको जानकारीको लागि उहाँले फेसबुक पेजमा राख्नु भएको पूर्ण विवरण सहित जानकारीको लागि प्रकाशित गरेका छौं ।

सामग्रीको पूर्ण विवरण:

Melbourne based Nepali scientist Dr. Raju Adhikari is running for People’s Choice Award at the 2021 Forbes Future of Food event in June, 2021.

The TRANSPRIATIONAL (the last one to select) CSIRO technology is running for People’s Choice Award at the 2021 Forbes Future of Food event in June. Melbourne based Nepali scientist Dr. Raju Adhikari is part of this project and greatly satisfying to see its entering into commercialization phase. Please vote before June 4th, using the link

Dr Adhikari is a well-known scientist globally in the biomedical field. He is one of the co-inventors of four ElastEon™, NovoSorb™, Heart Valve and inventor of Agricultural platform technologies (TranspiraTiOnaL) developed at CSIRO. Elast-Eon are approved for various biomedical applications which includes coating of stent, lead of the pacemaker, catheter while NovoSorbs products are used in Full thickness temporizing matrix, fracture fixation, hernia repair. One of the materials is currently undergoing clinical trials for the first synthetic heart valve. These technologies were licensed to American and Australian companies. The Ag technologies is now in the advanced stage of product development for commercialization. His contributions to breakthrough inventions have advanced biomedical technologies and benefited the global community. Dr Adhikari has published over 100 research papers in high impact journals, owns 28 invention patents and written several book chapters. He also serves on the editorial board of international journals. His H index of 39 and over citation of 7000 is testimony of his long outstanding contributions to the field of biomedical science.

Beside his professional excellence, Dr Adhikari has been the founding president of NAV, FeNCAA, Help Nepal Network Australia, and president of South Asian Community Link groups. He also serves in the advisory of VMC and South Asian Ministry Council Committee.  Dr Adhikari is also a cluster director of Emotional Well Being Institute (EWBI), Geneva and a lead research person. His outstanding community leadership role has provided greater visibility to the Nepal community and advocacy at both state and Federal level of Government in Australia.

Dr Adhikari has been the founding chair of Skill Knowledge and Innovation Committee of NRNA ICC since 2009 and has played a key role in the team advancing knowledge investment initiatives policy of NRNA which included establishment of Open University flagship project in Nepal.

Dr Adhikari has received several scientific and community awards for his outstanding contributions.

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