अस्ट्रेलियामा नेपालीले गरेको मेहनतलाइ जापानी युवाले यसरी गरे खुलासा (भिडियो सहित)

Shiva Neupane, Australia

Last time I had an opportunity to take an interview with Sabita Saru Sharma Acharya Mata Ji in regards to her clairvoyance power to prefigure the event that may occur in the near or distance future. It is really intriguing to know that mata ji has been engaging in this field since long time ago. She was born in Dhankuta in 2045 B.S.

she firmly believes in what is known as supernatural power by which she became what she is today. This unimaginable power has granted her the prophetic-license to scan the futuristic-framework of Human conditions and destiny. Her crowd pulling prophetic-tacts and crafts are well and truly so much to so many people.

Given how much atheistic-tendency I have at least I give the benefit of the doubts for how she has been engaging in this fortune- telling lucrative profession. In today’s modern age our astrological-legacy may sound a laughing stock because of the fact that it has not been understood in a positive light. We are still confused about this subject because of the fact that much of what has been said on what does it mean to be agreeing the astrological claim has not been properly communicated in a crystal clear manner. The problem lies at how it is being preached but not what is being preached. This is the problem that the mainstream society should be on the lookout for.

It is very clear that there are so many people who have been indulging in astrological-career for making people well aware of what’s the future of them would look like by just observing their face or somehow uttering their names. It is astonishingly laudable thing for the entire human civilization if this kind of otherworldly or if you will a celestial -power abodes in the mind of Saru Mata Ji then it’s time to celebrate this stupendous prophetic-asset that has been gifted owing to a sheer stroke of luck on her part.

I have been watching her videos and getting thrilled at how the countless people are trying to get a prophetic-avenue to see the landscape of their future under the aegis of her clairvoyance power. She has been firmly claiming that her past predictions came into effect now when having to see that they are accurately paving her astrological-road or if I may say so her prophetic-accuracies.
Her take on the future of Nepal: Nepal is a Hindu country since time immemorial and let it be. The country will heave a sigh of political unrest and instability only if the monarch is restored.
Terai chaos will be resolved only when king comes to the table and have open discussions about our shared-values, nationalism, customs, and time-honoured tradition with the people who have been experiencing political and bureaucratic disadvantages in the southern and elsewhere.

The coming of King is almost possible and he will be back to debone this puzzling politics out and flesh this immensely cluttered politics out. He is a ray of hope for the prosperous and Tranquil Nepal.

Death threat on Facebook:
Mata Ji has been experiencing the perceived threats. She has been sharing what it feels and what does it mean to be harassed and threatened by some of the social media users.
It is normal in today’s world that some people are using Facebook for badmouthing and threatening someone they don’t like for any actual reason but rather for their arcane and twisted or if I may say so for their sadistic pleasure. However, there is no room left for those online predators for the clemency to be granted.
The police department needs to work in tandem with communications authorities concerned who are by and large responsible for hunting down the hate or threatening messages or any other messages that may potentially affect the psychological well-being of any denizen.
An effective cyber is badly needed in our country to fix this kind of psychologically insidious trouble.

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