Friday , April 27 2018
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सुर्य र जानकी को धमाकेदार दोहरी घम्सा घस्मी…. भिडियो

स्वर का धनि सुर्य खड्का र जानकी गैरे को दोहरी घम्सा घम्सी एउटा सम्झना तपाई हरुको लागि शेयर कमेन्ट लाइक गरि साथि दिनु होला. हेरौ भिडियो तल धन्यबाद :

Surya Khadka young generation popular singer come up Dohari Ghamsa Ghamsi with Janaki Gaire while his visit to UK. This Video was recorded while Surya leaving UK towards his work Place after completion of short journey. The program organised by SNSB ”Surya Ekal Sanjh” enjoy one of the popular song while entertaining audience which is catapulted into Camera. Heart touching beautiful moment video.

Music of Nepal refers to the various musical genres heard in Nepal. With more than 100 ethnic groups, the music of the country is highly diverse.
Genres like pop, rock, folk, Lok Dohori, Modern, Lok-Pop, and Classical music are widely found, though many less common genres are yet to be categorized. Rap also appears on the Nepalese music charts. Among them, modern songs have been hugely popular and played in the every corner in the country.

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