Sunday , February 25 2018
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करिश्माकी फिल्मी शैलीमा जन्मेकी छोरी कविता ।

Karishma gave birth to Kabita at 21 years of age. By the way she gave brith to her daughter, the doctor had told to karishma, “You gave birth in a filmy style.

Karishma’s daughter Kabita Manandhar has become 22 years old, a year older than her mother’s age at her birth. While Karishma and her father Binod Manandhar are living in Nepal, Kabita is doing her studies in the USA. Karishma is planning to do film direction debut and feature her daughter Kabita in leading role. These days, Karishma is busy in politics a top-level leader in Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s party, Naya Shakti Nepal.

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