Thursday , April 26 2018
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लफडै लफडा बीच प्रेम गीत २ शुटिंग शुरु

Do you remember ‘Prem Geet’? Of course you do. When I talk about ‘Prem Geet’ two things come in mind – one music and the second actress Pooja Sharma.

Well, the sequel of the movie Prem Geet 2 – will not have any of those. And, the guy who directed the movie – Sudarshan Thapa won’t be there either.

If you liked the story of Prem Geet – Alas, the sequel doesn’t have any connection with the previous movie. So, it is totally a new movie, made on new concept with only Pradeep Khadka and the producer repeating — will it be successful.

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