Monday , February 19 2018
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“यसपालिको तिजमा” कल्पना खरेलको तिज को कोसेली युके बाट : हेरौ भिडियो

Kalpana Kharel & Soham bhetawal presents latest Teej Song ”Yaspali ko Teejma” from UK. In this Beatiful video vocal given given by Singer Rita KC and CK Prasai. Lyrics and Music written and compose by Kalpana Kharel & Manohar Sunuwar. Model appearing ”Yaspaliko Teejma” are Sova, Sarita, Ganga, Kusum, Nisha and Manisha.
Choreographer by Dinesh Magnmu limbu editing and camre both handled by Yaknata Magar. Assistant Director of this video by Kamal Phula and Director of this video by Som KusKumjhi.
Venue : Miracle Park Venue
Liverpool shooting credits:
Actors- Kalpana Kharel and Sita Bhandari
Camera-Gurung Deuta and Ujwl Bhandari

Teej could be a pageant celebrated by Nepali girls, for the long lifetime of her husband and long and firm relationship between them till the death this life and every one the lives to come back. Teej is ascertained for marital status happiness, well-being of relation and youngsters and purification of own body and soul. Teej is the foremost celebrated pageant among Nepali girls.

The folk music and dances add additional flavor to ancient values of Teej. it’s fascinating to check girls, in “Red” terpsichore and singing on the road, about to temple in holy and abstinence mood. Teej is additionally known as Hari Talika Teej. This pageant is widely known by Nepali Hindu girls all across the globe.

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